Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does it work?

A: We design, print and refill your business card advertisement in the locations of your choice. You will be advertised in highly trafficked locations, such as diners, fast food restaurants, supermarkets and many other high traffic locations.

Q: What's Included?

A: An account executive will set up an appointment to come to you at your home, office, worksite or on your lunch break and discuss the design of your advertisement. Your account executive will also help you chose which locations you would like to advertise in. Your card will be designed by a graphic artist & shown to you for your approval, printed by Pic A Card and every week your cards will be refilled at each one of your locations.

Q: What's not included?

A: Even our smallest plan includes unlimited cards that are bold, effective and eye catching; however the number of upgrades you can get at no charge is determined by how many locations that you choose to advertise in. For example, full color business cards are not included with our smaller plans.

Q: What are the statistics?

A: This is a good question and we are very proud that 80% of our business is renewals! Sometimes we get asked how many cards will I get back, This is different for every business, for example, a car wash may receive 10 - 20 cards a week where a roofing business may receive only a few cards a year. In the end they profit the same. No advertising company can tell you with any degree of accuracy what this statistic is unless they have done a tremendous amount of research on every different type of business. At Pic A Card, we have been in business since 1991 and we have a long list of happy repeat clients.


Q: What are locations and zones?

A: Each diner, fast food restaurant, or supermarket is considered a location. We have approximately 150 locations which are grouped into 26 zones. Each of our 26 zones contains at least 5 locations, if it contains more then 5, then you get the extra locations free!

Q: What counties do we cover?

A: Morris, Bergen, Passaic, Hudson and Essex counties all have Pic A Card locations in them but we also draw from many other counties like Sussex, Union and the New York area.


Q: What cards are included with the advertising?

A: Every package includes a card at no charge. Our smallest plan includes a card with your choice of one of our premium papers including white, cherry, ivory, or yellow index. You also can choose 1 of 7 ink colors. The more zones you choose to advertise in, the more upgrades you are entitled to and you can pay for upgrades on any plan.

Q: Can I use my own business cards?

A: You may use your own cards and receive a $5 per month ,per zone discount; however, we strongly recommend letting us design a card for you because Pic A Card will design an advertisement business card. If you have a logo, a piece of clipart, or a particular look you would like to use we would be happy to include it on your advertisement card and usually at no additional charge. Please mention it when you speak with your account executive.

Q: How can I get 4 color or full color business card advertisements?

A: Full or 4-Color printed cards are available to all advertisers and non advertisers, Please call our office for a quote. (973) 838-1800

Q: Do I get any cards for myself to keep?

A: We always give you a stack of 50 cards at no charge. Ask nicely and you can get a 100! Advertisers who want to buy cards for their personal use can get cards as low as $35 per 1000 cards. *Price subject to change with various types of cards.

Q: Can I purchase cards without advertising?

A: If you do not advertise, we only offer full or 4-color business card printing.