What Is The Most Convenient Way For Consumers To Remember A Name And Telephone Number?

Pic A Card, The Business Card Advertisement! Display card rack advertising is an economical way for customers to get your message, keep it handy, and act on it!

Look around. Look in your wallet. In your desk drawer. How many business cards have you collected? You're not the only one. People keep business cards. Eye-catching, long lasting and convenient, display cards are the most effective and profitable way to keep your name in front of thousands of customers! Pic A Cards' bold, custom designed displays will grab their attention, and our 6- or 12-month campaigns ensure that your advertising will be in front of them exactly when they need it.

Our bright blue, highly visible Pic A Card displays are placed in approximately 150 high traffic (1000+ per day average customer count) locations throughout Northern New Jersey. This allows you a targeted advertising campaign with local exposure in as few as 5 locations, or virtually unlimited exposure in a rapidly growing and economically strong region.

"The jobs we have gotten from the advertising have more than paid for the costs of the program."
- Wayne Johnson Co., Rt 23, Butler, NJ

"Pic A Card works very well with us. We can track it by the number of cards given to us by customers for their discount!"
- Kittatinny Canoes, Dingman's Ferry, PA

Turn your business card into a wallet size, full color billboard!

If you desire, Pic A Card's skilled team of graphic designers will create a bold, full color display card that will visually leap out at potential customers. We can incorporate your existing company logo or work with you to design a new, more effective look that will immediately identify your product or service.

I have tried placemats, shopping carts and radio and Pic A Card works!!!..A day does not go by that we do not receive at least 3 leads from our cards.
-Peoples Mortgage, Fairfield NJ

"Our cards jumped off the racks and you had to go into the fourth printing (100,000 cards) to keep up with the demand."
- Festival Flights Inc., Bedminster, NJ

As the leader in display card advertising, Pic A Card is proud of our commitment to client satisfaction and service. Constant product innovations and improvements, an active expansion strategy to offer clients more location choices, and an unwavering dedication to servicing our clients' needs have resulted in an increasing number of satisfied advertisers who've made Pic A Card their primary advertising source.

"The response to Pic A Card has been our best advertising & we look forward to more markets."
- Paintball Depot, Hackettstown, NJ

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